Land surveyors Course

For individuals who want to explore job opportunities in the most demanding business industries  including oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, construction, and civil engineering. 




06 MONTHS to 01 YEAR




Land surveyors are in high demand across a variety of industries, including oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, construction, and civil engineering. Civil engineering is most commonly connected with land surveyor education.

This course covers a long-standing need for skilled workers in this industry. Land surveyors are also in high demand in other countries. Students from our institution will receive the study materials.

This course requires field training to complete. The institute has all of the required equipment and facilities to provide field training in the surveying sector. Foreign students might also choose to complete this training in their home country.


  • Survey Define
  • Types of Survey
  • Plan Survey
  • Land Survey
  • City Survey
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Astronomic survey
  • Define Area
  • Types & Area of Triangles
  • Calculate Area in Marla, Kanal, Acre & Hector
  • conversation
  • Angle
  • Line in Angle in AutoCAD
  • Bearing
  • Types of bearing
  • Scale
  • Define Staining, RD & Chainage
  • Co-ordinates
  • Latitude
  • Longitude (Departure)
  • Plotting Latitude & Departure in AutoCAD
  • Northing & Easting
  • Plotting Northing & Easting in AutoCAD
  • Latitude & Departure
  • Coordinate Formulas (Sin & Cos)
  • Latitude & Dep formula (Rec)
  • How to Calculate Coordinate in House Drawing
  • Find House Coordinate in AutoCAD
  • How to find coordinate in UAE key Plan
  • Pole Formula
  • how to calculate Coordinate in Line
  • Close Traverse
  • Close Traverse in AutoCAD
  • Close Traverse Area by Multiply Method
  • Horizontal Curve
  • Simple Horizontal Curve
  • Compound Curve
  • Reverse Curve
  • Transition Curve
  • How to Calculate Horizontal Curve in AutoCAD
  • Road Profile
  • Road Layers
  • Components of Road
  • How to Read Road Profile Drawings
  • How to make Road Profile Drawing on Copy
  • How to make Road Profile Drawing in AutoCAD
  • How to make Road Profile Drawing in AutoCAD by Lisp Commands
  • Toe, Points & Catch Points
  • Contouring
  • Types of Vertical Curve
  • Super elevation
  • Types of Drawing
  • Biddings Drawings
  • Addendum Drawings
  • IFC Drawings
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Align & Make Key Plan in AutoCAD Road & Building
  • Interview preparation
  • And many more you can’t imagine
  • Project Management
  • Practical with Digital Level
  • Parts of Digital Level Machine
  • Back sight with Level Machine
  • How to Take Level from NSL
  • Setout Level on Steel
  • Types of Dimension
  • Define BM & RL
  • How to calculate level between 2 Points
  • Find NSL & FRL by average Method
  • How to calculate Level with Percentage %
  • How to Calculate Level Road X-Section
  • Practical with Level Machine
  • Parts of Level Machine
  • How to Read Staff Reading with MM
  • How to Read Staff Reading with FT
  • Difference in Level by Reading Method
  • Table of Hight of instruments
  • How to find level on Earth
  • Difference in Level by BM & RL Method
  • Setout Level on Still
  • Setout Level Building Edge
  • Setout Level Building Edge with Slope
  • Setout Level in Road Center Line
  • Setout Level in Road Edge
  • BM Shifting & Clouse
  • Adjust Error in BMs
  • Road As-Built
  • How to Check Distance with Stadia Method
  • How to Check Error in Level Machine
  • Total Statin Practical
  • Definition of Total Station
  • Parts of Total Station
  • How to Set total Station on Center Point
  • Find (SHV) Distance between 2 Points
  • MLM
  • REM
  • Area Calculation
  • How to Make Control Point with Bearing
  • How to Make Control Point with Lati & Depar
  • Back Sight with Northing & Easting
  • Control Point Shifting
  • Back Sight with Northing, Easting & Elevation
  • Resection
  • Take Coordinate from Earth
  • Setout Coordinate on Earth
  • Setout Coordinate of Building
  • Setout Coordinate of Road CL
  • Setout Coordinate of Road Edge
  • Setout Coordinate of Curve
  • Setout Coordinate of Road CL
  • Setout Coordinate of Road Median and Edges
  • Close Traverse with Coordinate & Elevation
  • Adjust Error in Coordinate & Elevation
  • Topo Graphic Survey of Ground
  • Topo Graphic Survey of Road
  • Create Job
  • Export Job in USB/Memory Card
  • Delete Job
  • Export Data from Total Station to AutoCAD
  • How to Check Error In Total Station


This course taught me a lot about the civil surveying and all of its professional details. Now I am confident to apply for job in any company related to the construction and civil engineering.
Shahbaz Mirza
Wahh Cantt


I have completed 06 months civil surveying course from WIPS. Teachers taught lesson with in full details. I am really thankful to this institute to make me able to be qualified as Civil Surveyor.
Shhaid Mohal
Hazro, Attock


When you complete the requirements of the course, and a complete practical project, you’ll earn a Certificate you can share with your government agency, professional networks, potential employers.

Certificate that we will issue is fully authenticated and certified which can be verified from the concerned government agencies and embassies for any of your job recruitment process.